Private Training Programs 


Our personally tailored Private Training Programs are designed to help your dog develop calmness, confidence, great house manners and reliability in all of their obedience commands.

Our Private Training Programs are specifically designed for the family that wants to be personally and directly involved in the success of their dog's training.  Choose the location - your home or out and about at pet-friendly locations.


Private Lesson Programs are personally tailored to fit the needs, goals and lifestyle of each owner. We will develop specific strategies of motivation around your dog’s unique personality.

During private lessons, you will receive 100% of the trainer’s attention. Each private lesson program is client focused and driven. We will teach, guide and educate you, the owner.

As a graduate of one of our Private Training Programs, you and your dog will experience a strong, healthy relationship and will find joy in spending time together each and every day.


Companion Dog Program

Most popular and budget friendly option for the family that wants basic manners and management​

Program Features:

  • 6 Lessons in your home or out and about

  • Obedience Commands: Sit, Down, Leash Training, Come (under low level distractions), Stay, Wait at Doors, Leave it & more!

  • Addressing Nuisance Behaviors such as jumping up, barking, chewing/nipping

  • 3 months Support via Phone, E-mail or Text

  • 3 months Unlimited Reinforcement Sessions

  • Training Equipment Included


Manners Unlimited Program

This program is for the family that wants the absolute best training experience through private lessons. Completely individual attention on you and your dog, more direct practice from us, and more commands makes training easier to maintain, and gives you peace of mind for long term success.


We'll also work together on:

Meeting and greeting people and dogs

Neutral response - teaching your dog to observe but not react to surroundings when necessary

Real Life Training in public areas so that your dog listens around distractions


Program Features:

  • 12 lessons in your home or out and about

  • All Obedience Commands: sit, wait, leave it, come, leash training, settle, down, sit-stay, down-stay, watch me, place & more!

  • Real Life Training outside your home and in public for proofing commands and behaviors and distraction/distance training

  • Unlimited email and phone support

  • BONUS: Canine Good Citizen prep and testing

  • ​BONUS: Unlimited Reinforcement Sessions for 6 months

  • Training Equipment Included

Homeschool Day Training Program

Popular program that is a  perfect compromise if you don’t want to leave your dog for a Board and Train program but you don’t have the time to do all the work yourself in Private Lessons.  Program includes lessons with you, the owner. This insures you understand the required techniques to keep up with your dog’s progress.

Program Features:

  • 3x or 5x a week for a 4 week commitment

  • Consistent, Daily Training in your home by trainer and out and about field trips

  • Weekly lesson with owner to show progress, address issues and train owner

  • Socialization, Training and Exercise for Dogs who need mid-day visit

  • Training Equipment Included

  • ​BONUS: Weekly follow-up as needed with owner for 3 months

  • Faster Results than weekly lessons without boarding dog away from home

  • Discounts for multiple dogs or more sessions after initial 4 weeks

  • All Obedience Commands: watch me, sit, down, wait at doors, stay, leash training, place & more!