Group Training Classes 

Group class is open enrollment and meets same day and time each week for 6 consecutive weeks. Puppy Socials is a one hour socialization only class- come to as many as you like.  If you need to miss a class please let the instructor know and you can attend when that lesson is offered again in another class if there is an open spot.  If two consecutive classes are missed with no communication, you will be dropped from class with no refund.  Classes have new enrollments weekly which will be great for socializing with new pups often.  It is important that you attend weekly to get the best benefit from curriculum.

Ages and Requirements for Classes:
PreK:  puppies 10 -18 weeks old
Mind your Manners:  dogs 5 months and older
Walk About Town:  Completion of PreK or Mind your Manners or Approval from Trainer
Puppy Socials:  10 weeks- 18 weeks old
What to bring to Class:
* Proof of current vaccines record.  Puppies must have at least 2 sets of booster vaccines to attend.
* 4-6 ft leash (NO retractable leashes)
*Flat collar or harness (NO prong/pinch or E-Collars allowed)
* About a cup of small, soft treats
* Optional mat or towel for dog to relax on
* Optional toy to keep dog occupied between exercises

***Aggressive, Reactive, Nervous and Anxious Dogs will not be allowed in Class.
***Children allowed if supervised by an adult and respectful of rules.


Puppy Play
Dog Walk
Three Big Puppies

Puppy PreK

Mind Your Manners

Walk About Town

Puppy PreK is for puppies 10-18 weeks old.  We will talk about all things puppy and learn basic manners.

Mind Your Manners is a class for the teenage dog.  Ages are 5 months or older.  We will talk about how to manage your older pup and learn basic manners.

Walk About Town is an Advanced Level Class. We will meet in Pet Friendly Locations to work on Advanced Skills, Socialization and Manners in Public.  

More Classes Coming Soon!