Group Training Class encourage your dog to make better choices so they can become a more pleasant member of your family and their canine community. Our classes are great for socialization and helping your dog learn despite distraction.  Classes are a series of lessons where you learn with your dog in class then take the dog home and practice the lessons there with your dog.   Scroll down for calendar of classes and events.  NO INDOOR GROUP CLASSES AT THIS TIME! CURRENTLY SEEKING INDOOR FACILITY TO HOLD CLASSES!  ONLINE CLASSES COMING SOON!





 Did we mention playtime?!   We believe off-leash play is an important part of training and socializing your dog.  A controlled environment makes sure the dogs are engaging in appropriate play.  Puppy Class is always given off-leash time.  For other classes playtime will depend on the dynamic of the group.  







We offer a variety of choices from puppy socializing classes and basic on to more advanced dog training. We also offer specialty and fun training classes and workshops occasionally such as Got Tricks, Behavior 101, Shy/Reactive Dog and Well-Mannered Walker. They are less expensive than individual training, but also require the biggest commitment on your part to make the training effective.  

Walk About Town

Walk About Town is an intermediate level class. We will meet at local parks and pet-friendly stores to work around distractions in real life scenarios.
Class will meet for 5 sessions, 45-60 minutes . 

Enrollment Fee:  $75
First Session will meet at Centennial park Owasso.

Puppy PreK


We will cover all things puppy! There will also be some off-leash playtime for socialization.


For Puppies 10 weeks to 5 months 

Behaviors Addressed:  Potty training, crate training, nipping/biting, no jumping, quiet, no pulling on leash

Obedience Cues:  Watch Me, Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Let's Go, Settle, Drop it, Leave it

Enrollment Fee: $120  

Class meets once a week for 6 weeks.


Mind Your Manners

Mind Your Manners is a class for the juvenile dog!  We will talk about how to manage those ornery behaviors during this stage of life.  This is a beginner level class for those that have had no prior trainng.


For Dogs 5 months and older

Behaviors Addressed:  No jumping, nipping/biting, crate training, no pulling on leash and quiet.

Obedience Cues:   Watch Me, Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Let's Go, Settle, Drop it, Leave it

Enrollment Fee: $120  

Class meets once a week for 6 weeks.

Canine College

Canine College is for dogs that are ready to do some Real Life Training!  We will work on Distance and Distractions with a variety of fun and challenging exercises.  We will also teach some new behaviors and go on a field trip!


For Dogs who have completed Puppy PreK, Manners Class or has Instructor Approval

Behaviors Addressed:  Listening despite distractions, Polite Greetings with people and dogs, Reliablity out of sight

New Obedience Cues: Heel, Place, Stand, Stay and Come with Distance and Distractions

Includes:  Field trip schedule during class to work on Distractions in Real Life

Enrollment Fee:  $120

Class meets for 7 weeks including field trip

Canine Good Citizen Prep Class

CGC Prep class is for owners that have goals of their dogs being a Canine Good Citizen and/or to do volunteer therapy work such as the reading program at library, visits to hospitals, assisted living, etc..  This class DOES NOT certify your dog as a therapy animal but prepares them to go through that process with TDInc., Alliance of Therapy Dogs or other registering organizations.  This class DOES give the Canine Good Citizen test at the last class.


For Dogs who have completed Canine College or has Instructor approval

Behaviors and Topics Addressed:  Comfort with a variety of handling from strangers, Stress signals in your dog -  how to handle and calming techniques, 

New Behaviors Cues:  Touch, Head rest, Paw up, Tricks (for showing off of course!), Back Up (for tight spaces)

Includes: Field Trip for Real Life Training

Enrollment Fee:  $120

Class meets for 7 weeks including field trip



Got Tricks?

Got Tricks?  is a fun and challenging class for teaching your pup everything from shake to more complex tricks.


For Dogs that have completed Puppy PreK or Mind Your Manners.

Topics Addressed:  Clicker Training, Motivators and Reinforcers, Stages of Learning, Catching, Shaping and Luring 

Tricks Taught:  Shake, Hi-Five,  Rollover, Play Dead, Spin, Crawl, Take a Bow, Speak, Jump and Anything Else we come up with!  The beauty of trick training is that starting one trick may turn into several other cute or funny tricks.

Enrollment Fee: $120  

Class meets once a week for 6 weeks.

Well-Mannered Walker

This class is for any dog that needs to stop pulling on the leash and greet people and dogs politely.  


Obedience Cues: Loose leash polite walking (Let's Go), Sit and Stay, Watch Me, Leave It
Behaviors Addressed: Appropriate greetings and No jumping
Enrollment Fee:  $75
Class will meet for 4 weeks.  Lessons will meet at Centennial Park in Owasso.


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