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Our Training Programs and Classes 

The way our programs work:  Our consultations are always free so that you can get the info you need before committing to anything.  ***
In a day where technology has taken over, I like each of my potential clients to have the opportunity to meet me face to face and get more info regardless of whether they choose to train with us or not.  This way, you know 100% that me, my company, and our training are the right fit for you and your dog, and we absolutely can help solve your issue.
We have several programs that range a lot in price, so there's something for everyone depending on their preferences.

Private Training is when we come to your home or a pre-determined location.  Lessons are scheduled at a time that is convenient. We work closely with you and your dog.  This is great for the family that wants individual attention and wants to be an active part of their dog's training process. Learn More

Group classes are a great way to socialize your puppy or dog and learn despite distractions. Group class encourages your dog to make better choices and be a good canine citizen of the community. Did we mention playtime?? We believe controlled, off-leash playtime is important for your dog's social skills, as well as release energy before class. Puppy classes are always given off-leash play. For other classes, group play is determined by the dynamic of the group. Other play sessions may be offered between classes to allow opportunity for socialization. See the schedule and Learn More

Board and Train is great for the owner that wants quick results and wants to be a part of the dog's training.  Our board and train options are larger programs for those that want to "do it all and go everywhere" with their dog.  These programs have the added benefit of the trainer doing the foundation work for you and they also include group training and private lessons, as well as other features. Space is limited, contact us now to get a reservation and Learn More 

​​Ready to Learn More About Our Programs?

"Heather did an amazing job with our lab/corgi puppy. We have a toddler and before the boot camp we couldn't have our daughter play on the floor while he was out of his crate. After he completed boot camp the changes were night and day! Our puppy understands when to "settle" and when to "watch me" so that he can drop things he shouldn't have. I love how she includes follow ups in the cost, so that we can continue teaching everything he has learned. It's well worth every penny!"

- Kristen, Owner of Yadi

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