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"Heather is a great trainer - and her enthusiasm for her work makes class so fun!" - Carrie


Do you struggle with getting your dog to listen to you, especially when there are distractions?

Do you wish your dog would stop doing some of the things you don't want, like jumping, chewing, pulling on the leash, barking, or just not listening all the time?Will your dog only listen with a treat?

Do you feel like if you could solve just a few issues with your dog your life would be so much better?

Are you upset because your dog does things that are embarrassing, frustrating or even dangerous?

Would you like this to be the last dog training investment you ever make?


You've come to the right place!

Marley's Day Out is the local leader in solutions for unwanted dog behavior

 and specializes in training dogs to be reliable at home and in public.

  There is no need for your dog to be a source of stress or worry.

 We help your dog become the well-behaved furry family member.

Happy Dogs. Happy Owners.

"Heather is the best! She works hard for each fur baby and helps the humans through all stages of difficult times. Our dog has learned so much for her, and my family of 6 has learned how to train our fur baby. Heather has classes and also does house calls. She is totally amazing!!! She is not just a dog trainer... She loves training!!!!"  - Christy, Bentley's Mom

It's not just YOUR dog!   Most owners, after going through basic training, have not been able to achieve the goals they have for their dog's obedience and behavior.  Those results aren't the most you can hope for!  Not all dog training is the same.  If past training did not meet your needs, or you feel your dog might be un-trainable, come talk to us.  

All of our programs are promised to work and are built so that you can have complete confidence in your dog's behavior and obedience at all times, and lots of ongoing support from us.  Teaching the family is one of the most important parts of dog training.  We will work closely with you and your family to help you achieve your goals.

Our training methods are based on gentle, easy to use techniques that ALWAYS WORK for every dog, as well as teaching you, the owner, so your dog will listen to your commands in any situation. We will also help you with any behavior problems and make sure your dog listens to you just as well as they will listen to us.
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